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    Gerard Koo

    Is a very good product

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    Robert Schmidt

    After trying other headsets, i received the Trekz Air from my Son for my Birthday, I tried them on and multi-point connected to my Tablet and SG5 Phone. The Sound Quality is Amazing. I have No hearing in my Right ear due to tumor that took the 3 inner ear bones, and left me with Bone Conduction hearing loss, I thought the only solution to hearing music etc was Implant surgery. But to my amazement I turned on the Trekz Air and listened to Full Stereo Music, In BOTH Ears! I cannot tell you how cool it was to hear Stereo Music after 14 years of hearing in only my left ear.. Thank you AfterShokz for developing this remarkable device. I just wanted you to know as someone with Profound Bone Conduction Loss in my right ear, That this Really does work.... A+++

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    Jose Rafael Espino Clemente

    just bought one today at target. i was kinda impressed by the look and built, it lightweight and has an open ear design which is great when you are biking or running. it does not let you feel not connected to the world. But the downside is the sound quality... it's not what i expected from a headphone the earphones that came with my phone sounds a whole lot better compared to this one (titanium AS600) lacks the deep bass and high pitch i was expecting.

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