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    Gerard Koo

    Is a very good product

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    Robert Schmidt

    After trying other headsets, i received the Trekz Air from my Son for my Birthday, I tried them on and multi-point connected to my Tablet and SG5 Phone. The Sound Quality is Amazing. I have No hearing in my Right ear due to tumor that took the 3 inner ear bones, and left me with Bone Conduction hearing loss, I thought the only solution to hearing music etc was Implant surgery. But to my amazement I turned on the Trekz Air and listened to Full Stereo Music, In BOTH Ears! I cannot tell you how cool it was to hear Stereo Music after 14 years of hearing in only my left ear.. Thank you AfterShokz for developing this remarkable device. I just wanted you to know as someone with Profound Bone Conduction Loss in my right ear, That this Really does work.... A+++

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